I love art. Some form of art is present in just about every day of my life whether it’s in cooking, crafting, music or creating actual art. In my shop you are going to find an eclectic assortment of items from sensory products to actual paintings. I’m embracing the quirky and finding my calm one craft at a time.

Weighted Blankets
Weighted blankets are a fantastic tool for helping our kiddos find a sense of calm when they are feeling overwhelmed. It’s like receiving a snug hug or that feeling of being swaddled as a baby. It helps with calming, soothing and sleeping! It’s perfect for those dealing with autism, adhd, sensory processing disorder, anxiety or those who just like the feel of a weighted blanket.

I created a unique design that uses pockets to hold the removable “weight pouches,” not only making it easier to wash but also to prolong use. If you say start with a 7-pound blanket, after a few years your child might do better with 10. Once you’ve purchased a blanket from me, you can always order a new set of “weight pouches” to replace the old ones and continue using the same blanket.

What I really like, about this design, is that when you remove the weights for washing, you save yourself from listening to 10 pounds (or whatever weight the blanket is) thumping around in your machines. Hopefully it saves a bit of wear and tear on your machines and your sanity.

Blankets are fully customizable. Choose your weight, blanket size and fabrics. Typically, suggested weight is 10% of the person’s body weight plus 1-2 pounds.

You can also visit my Etsy Shop and find completed blankets and lap pads available there.

  • Usually, I plan on a size of 4 ft x 3 ft and 10 pounds
  • Design uses Velcro pockets with weighted pouch inserts. Pouches are removable for washing blanket and washable in their own right.
  • Pouches are replaceable for a heavier weight as child grows extending the life use of your blanket.

My kids love these weighted blankets.


Custom Weighted Blanket

Calming Sensory Weighted Blanket



Weighted Lap Blankets
Weighed Lap Blankets are smaller blankets, primarily used on the lap while sitting. My son also has used it over his shoulders and back while sleeping. These blankets are lighter in weight, typically 5-8 pounds. These blankets also have a pocket feature with removable Polly Pellet weights and are completely washable.

You can also visit my Etsy Shop and find completed blankets and lap pads available there.

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Custom Weighted Lap Blanket

Weighted Lap Blanket



RelaxingEye Pillows

Eye pillows are usually a known quantity so I won’t waste your time explaining them to you. However, I will point out that this design also uses a Velcro closure on one end with a removable “rice pouch” which makes keeping your pillow clean a lot easier, just remove pouch and wash the cover.

  • Handmade with colorful cotton fabric and rice.
  • Roughly 11 inches long by 5 inches wide.
  • Typically about a pound in weight.

Contact me for customizations including: Essential oils, Color preference or an elastic head strap



Relaxing Eye Pillows

Eye Pillow



Perler Bead Key Chains or Zipper Pulls

This started as a fun craft project to share with my boys, both of which enjoy making pictures with the beads. Now I find it relaxing to spend a bit of time here or there and winding up with a darling finished product. I have several options and am willing to create something custom should you need or want that.

Just let me know which options you want from the images below.

Perler Bead Key Chains – Multiple Purchase

Perler Bead designs, heated/fused on both sides for durability. Fun designs. 3 for $10 and Free shipping


Perler Bead Key Chain – Single Purchase

Fun Perler Bead Key Chains fused on each side for durability. Lots of options or contact me for a special request. Free Shipping!


Original Acrylic Canvas Paintings

I recently was shown the beauty and fun of the “dirty pour” in the acrylic paint world. I am having so much fun trying new ideas and seeing what will come of it. I’ve branched out from the dirty pour to other techniques and enjoying every minute. I hope you enjoy them as well. Contact me for information on how to any purchase these.

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